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Universal Credit Landlord Pack

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The Department for Work and Pensions has produced a variety of information aimed helping landlords understand Universal Credit and what tools are available to them should they have a tenant who is getting Universal Credit and fallen into rent areas. Please read the Landlord Pack for more information.

Wolverhampton Help and Support

If one of your tenants is living in Wolverhampton and in need of practical help and advice on:

  • applying for Universal Credit
  • disputing a decision concerning entitlement to Universal Credit
  • managing their money
  • dealing with debts
  • obtaining paid employment

then please visit our Places to go for support page to see where they may go for help, it contains details of local groups and organisations who provide assistance in areas of benefits, debt, employment and housing.

Managed Payments - Rent and Rent Arrears Direct Payments

If you are a landlord and you have a tenant who is getting Universal Credit and they are in significant rent arrears then you may apply for the tenant’s Universal Credit ‘housing cost element’ to be paid direct to you. Any application needs to be made using a UC47 Form which you can obtained from the Universal Credit Service Centre on 0800 328 5644 or on the internet. Please visit our Places to go for support page if you don't have access to the internet. To make an application all you need do is provide the tenant’s name and address and the details of the arrears. You will not need to provide details of the tenant’s National Insurance or provide proof of the actual rent arrears. The maximum amount of any ‘managed payment’ will only be equal to the tenant’s ‘housing cost element’. This may be lower than the actual amount of rent (e.g. if the tenant is affected by the ‘bedroom tax’ or ‘benefit cap’ or of they work). If the amount is lower than the actual amount of the rent then you will still need to get payment of the balance from the tenant themselves. The UC47 Form may also be used to request direct deduction be made from the tenant’s on-going Universal Credit as payment towards any outstanding rent arrears.

Discretionary Housing Payments (DHPs)

These payments are administered by the City of Wolverhampton Council (Revenues and Benefits Team) to people living in Wolverhampton who get Universal Credit or Housing Benefit. If someone is getting Universal Credit then to be able to apply for a DHP the person’s assessment of Universal Credit must include an award of the ‘housing costs element’ because they are liable (or may be treated as liable) to pay rent for the accommodation in which they live. It does not matter whether the person pays rent to either a social landlord or private landlord. DHPs are intended to help people who are in need of extra financial support because their full rent (excluding ineligible service charges) is not met by their Universal Credit or Housing Benefit. DHPs can be extremely helpful to tenants in rent arrears and those who find it difficult to pay their rent because they are affected by the ‘bedroom tax’ or the ‘benefit cap’.  

Please visit Discretionary Housing Payments for more information, including how application may be made.

Universal Credit means big changes to the way you receive your benefits. There are a number of organisations that can provide advice and support in Wolverhampton.
Benefits are changing big time.

Benefits are changing big time.

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